Located in a building with a long history of good cuisine since the 1950’s the Stary Dom Restaurant offers regional food and quite a selection of Polish spirits, vodkas and wines. The culinary team consist of both young creative people and experienced chefs who prepare regional dishes using only local ingredients. Both Chefs Rafał Kowalczyk and Łukasz Federowicz concoct delicious fare using old recepies and prepares selected delicacies in front of you. The interior design reminds one of the warmth of a domestic heart and relates to the best traditions of Polish cooking  making in wonderful setting for meetings with family and friends. We invite you to browse our menu where you will find regional dishes at very reasonable prices.





Stary Dom
ul. Puławska 104 / 106
02-620 Warsaw

Monday - Sunday Kitchen 12.00 - 22.30
Monday - Sunday Restaurant 12:00 - 23:30

tel.: (+48) 22 646 42 08
e-mail: info@restauracjastarydom.pl
find us:
Gastronomy Company

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